How we began

We are a local enterprise spin off from Incredible Edible Oxford – same people, same principles.

Having lived in Todmorden – the place where Incredible Edible was created – our Founder, Rachel Hammond, set up Incredible Edible Oxford in 2012.

Starting with a number of edible beds in Florence Park, East Oxford, we grew a mix of culinary & medicinal herbs, fruit tree guilds and perennial vegetables.

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Our Gardens

We now have a full Forest Garden in Florence Park, showcasing medicinal, pollinator and dye plants, as well as perennial salad leaves.

The Forest Garden is used for regular gardening sessions and free workshops, designed to encourage others to grow their own.

Our Workshops

We run edible hanging basket workshops at various events – including Oxford’s Big Green Week -  and work closely with a local secondary school to increase the amount of edible planting on site.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to get more food growing in urban areas, local to where people live and by the consumers themselves  – by designing spaces with edibles, by training people with appropriate skills and by selling good quality local edible plants.

Our Charitable Activities

Our charitable activities are funded by our three areas of income generating activity – Design, Grow and Educate.
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Our core principles

  • Encourage connections – with each other and to nature
  • Design to increase edibles and/or wildlife 
  • Grow and value natural resources
  • Reduce waste and recycle/reuse 
  • Educate others
  • We are inclusive to all


My almond is on the verge of bursting into bloom (it produced 13 almonds last year!) and everything else is budding and thriving. I am SO happy with it.

Deborah Glass-Woodin

I have had an enormous pleasure doing several courses with the Incredible Edible team, including Eco-building, Agroecology and Advanced Edible Horticulture.
The courses were extremely enjoyable, thought provoking and eye-opening. 

We learned and pondered a lot on intricate relationship of humans and nature, and how to work towards restoration of balance of our eco-systems and food growing systems. We looked at ways of community building  through local group initiatives. 

The combination of fresh air, team work, messy and fun activities was therapeutic and inspiring and gave me confidence to start some of my own growing and building projects. I have since been growing fresh kale and selection of herbs throughout winter in my garden pots and I built a timber bike shed having gained the confidence in working with wood.

Rachel and Joanna are enthusiastic, friendly and very knowledgeable teachers and the wisdom they shared should be part of our school curriculum!

Zvezdana Marceta

Fresh gooseberries. edge sells all soft fruit bushesPumpkins and Squash - edge can help you grow more than you think is possible in any spaceLocal Apples - all windfalls otherwise going to waste. edge can help you preserve your crops and prevent food wasteRosehip and Hawthorn oximel herbal remedy from hedgerow foraging. edge runs herbal medicine and foraging workshops